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My name is David Lengling...

          It is said that if you find a career you love that you will never work a day in your life. I believe this theory to be 100% true as it applies to my life and the person I have become. It is my goal and personal mission to ignite the fire in athletes around the world to get so excited about their routine and music that they truly fall in love with the sport of cheerleading exactly like I did. Every time I am working on a routine or mixing in the studio, I take myself back to the genuine happiness and excitement my team and I felt during choreography and listening to our music for the first time. I remind myself how amazing it was and I work hard to ensure that every athlete, coach, and person involved with my work gets that same amazing feeling and experience; It is truly wonderful. Cheerleading is my passion and I love to work with others that share that same genuine love for our sport.


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